Strange Amazing Poem! XD


Last night I saw a turtle;
It looked like a grenade.
I picked it up and threw it.
No explosion was made.

By (Could not find the maker of this Poem) But I think we all know this person is a BadA! Because this poem is amazing!


Hello! I’m Havarour

Hey guys it’s Hav, that’s short for Havarour! It’s okay if you don’t get it :)! You will get it soon I think can’t really promise you anything cause I really don’t know you! You get were i am coming from! Okay now we are on the same page please understand that i am a purple dino yes! A dino I love pie dislike cake and i really don’t know what to write in a blog so can someone like help me out here? Lots of love will be given yes love and when i say love i mean those hugs I talked about a while back like this! )>^_^)> Bloop I’m a gorgeous fish Hav is out!